Steps to follow:

Please carefully read the membership requirements below in the list below on this page. If you have any questions, you can write or contact us.


Then press this PDF file so that you can complete all the requested information, which you can send by email to our email info@hsam.global. You can also print the document and / or download the file to your PC or Cellular.




Requirements for application:

1. Submit a letter of recommendation from the ministry where it was ordered and / or the coverage from which it was sent, authorizing you to seek other coverage, unless you have a justifiable reason why you can not obtain it .

2. Accompany your application, the legal documents of your church (legal status).


3. Provide digital photos of the main pastors of the requesting church.


4. Include a copy of your marriage certificate.


5. For ministerial ethics, integrity and respect for other ministries, no applicant for coverage may currently be under another coverage or denomination.


6. Your church must be mature, solid, established for 3 years or more, and have a minimum membership of 30 members.


7. Your church or ministry must NOT have been born of a division.


8. Pastors of the applicant church should have good personal and ministerial testimony.


9. They must preach the sound doctrine, demonstrating growth and continuous fruit, both spiritually and naturally.


10. The main purpose for which we seek our coverage must be, mainly, to go to another level to establish and advance the Kingdom of God here on earth.


We only receive the complete application packages, which contain all the documents and meet all the requirements indicated in the list. Incomplete packages will not be considered and will be discarded.